Thursday, December 31, 2009

dear dan, the doorknob's full

See those bags?
There's poop in them.
Poopy diapers and poop that you scoop.
By morning there's going to be another bag needing to hang there.
I'm afraid if that happens,
all that poop will be all over the stoop.

So would you kindly put on your boots
and make the trek out to the garbage
and properly dispose of all that poop
before I fly the coop?

Many thanks,

Your loving wife

p.s. (for anyone else reading this): If you had to walk that far to the garbage can through 3 feet of snow uphill (both ways) with nary a walkway in sight, you'd hang poop in bags on your back doorknob too. Don't judge. It's cold out there.

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