Friday, October 9, 2009

overheard again

Danny and Kris, October 2007

: Can we go outside?

me: Not right now, it's hot out there.

Kris: I like hot. I like hot dogs. I like hot chocolate. I like hot outside.

(This conversation obviously occurred a several weeks ago.)

Danny, after hearing the ding-a-ling-ling of the dinner bell...

"Huh? Dinner time? Not again!"

Danny, holding out a little orange fishy-shaped cracker...

"Hello, Mama. I got a special delivery here."

Danny, after I had told him to stop sticking his fingers in the blobs of ketchup and mustard on his plate...

"I'm doing it again, Mama. Better hurry up!"

(I especially loved the taunting sing-song tone of his voice.)

Danny, after walking into the kitchen and seeing me reaching into a top cupboard while standing on a chair...

"Mama! What in the world are you doing with that chair? It's dangerous and Daddy will spank your bum!"

Cate, while reaching out her hands to grab the glass of water I was drinking...

"Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!"

(I'm counting that as her saying water for the first time!)

Kris, while eating the carrots I had made for dinner...

"Mmmmm. This is yummy when I plug my nose."

Danny, after getting mad at Kris for telling him good night before nap time...

"You are not in my happy family!"

Danny, while attempting to tip over my chair...

"You are very very heavy, Mama!"

(In my defense, I had just eaten dinner.)

After seeing my less-than-glamorous bed head hair-do one morning...

Danny: It's being all silly, Mama.

me: What is?

Danny: Your hair! (followed by overly dramatic laughing)

While holding hands in the parking lot at Costco...

Kris: Danny, you're not gross to me anymore, right?

Danny: Yeah huh.

Kris: I like to sit by you now, huh?

Danny: Yeah huh.

Kris: Love you, Danny.

Danny: I wuv you, too.

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