Thursday, September 24, 2009

pirate talk

Danny has been interested in all things pirate related since I told him about the cruise. When he spotted an assortment of pirate themed goo-gahs at the dollar store yesterday, I couldn't say no. I bought the same thing for Jarrett and Kris. Danny promptly broke the sword and the patch is supposedly hiding under Cate's carseat.

Later in the day, the boys were playing pirate games on the playhouse out back. I was pulling weeds. I found a praying mantis in the grass and called to Kris to come get it. He loves bugs. He scooped it up into his hand and said, "I need something to put this in." I asked what he thought he needed.

I am in no way fabricating what happened next. It's all true. In his best pirate voice, he said,

"I need a jarrrrrrrr!"

As I was looking for a jar with a lid, Jarrett came over and said, "We need some food." I was thinking he meant for the praying mantis so I told him to just go find some grass and leaves and stick them in jar. He replied,

"No, not for the praying mantis. For arrrrrrrrr dinner!"

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Petit Elefant said...

Little boy pirates are pretty irresistible though....