Sunday, September 20, 2009

bam I am

Danny's little friend came over to play this week.
His name is Sam.
Danny calls him Bam.

Danny ate lunch with his second cousin yesterday at Co-co-wee-toes.
Her name is Summer.
Danny calls her Bummer.

Danny's cousins came to visit yesterday.
Their names are Ricky, Billy and Rusty.
Danny calls them Wicky, Dilly and Wusty.

Danny's little sister's name is Cate.
Sometimes I call her Catie-bug.
Sometimes Danny calls her Datie-gug.

I've recently started reading Green Eggs and Ham to Danny at bedtime.
The little yellow guy's name is Sam I Am.
Danny calls him Bam I Am.

At the end of the book, after the big guy has finished eating all the green eggs and ham,
he's standing there holding an empty plate with the fork on top.
Danny let me know that he should go put it in the gink.
You know, the sink.

Man, I love that kid.
Cute and a neat freak to boot!
It doesn't get much better.

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