Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sandy cousins

I think I said some variation of LEAVE THE SAND IN THE SANDBOX at least 1,627 times. It could have been more. Remember when I said I was happy about the sand a few days ago? I might have to replace that emotion with something else after yesterday.

Here's a few things I possibly said:

Dump that sand out of your shoe...in the sandbox!

Sand does not belong on the grass!

Who dumped sand down the slide?

Sand stays in the sandbox!

Go put that back in the sandbox!

No water in the sandbox!

Yucky! Don't eat it. Yuck! Yuck!

We do not throw sand!

Don't dump sand on him!

I'm sorry there's sand in your eye.
If you'd stop throwing it, this wouldn't happen!

Hey, not on the picnic table! In the sandbox!

Get that sand out of your sock!

Leave the sand in the sandbox!

Leave the sand in the sandbox!

Leave the sand in the sandbox!

It was definitely the place to be for these little ones. I'm pretty sure I could count on one hand the number of times Billy was actually out of the sandbox. And we were outside for a little over four hours. That kid loves him some sand.

So far, Cate is still happy about the sandbox.
It gives her something to snack on.
I really should feed her I guess.

Danny seemed happy.
He actually played in it.
That's an improvement since last time.

Kris was happy.
He loaded up his sock with sand.
Then swung it around and around over his head.

Ricky was happy.
He seemed to delight in removing the sand from the sandbox.
I think he may have been involved in the sand-down-the-slide incident.

Billy was happy.
I've never seen a kid enjoy a funnel like he did.
Good thing he's got a sandbox 10 times as big as this one at his house.

And I was happy too.
Happy that the cats have stayed away.
I'll save my giant pooper scooper for another day.


colds1 said...

I would pretty much guarantee that Ricky was involved in all of the sand removal adventures! Thanks for letting them play! And I'll package up the sand we brought home in the shoes and underpants so you can put the sand back in the sandbox!

Cathy said...

Thanks, Cindy. I was wondering why the sand level was so low. Must be the load of it your kids took home with them.