Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Santa

Is it too soon to send in my requests to the Big Guy up North?
I hope not because here I go.
(He reads this blog, of course.)
for me

i really really want this phone
i really want this phone
i want this phone
i want phone
i want

for Cate

The Big Guy can get it at Costco...
if he's a member and has an American Express card.

also for Cate
(just the chef's hat and apron, not the little girl)

And just in case the elves don't know how to sew,
the Big Guy who sleeps next to me can go here to get it.

for Danny

He can wear it while he's showing off all his

Find it here.
I like the blue, but any color will do.

for Dan

I don't know.
He's so hard to shop for.
Maybe some new brown socks?

for our family

I wouldn't be sad if the keys to this little beauty were under my tree this year.
This one might actually be for me, but I'm sure I'd share it with everyone else.

I'd like it in black, but any color will do.

Thanks, Santa.
You're the best.

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