Monday, June 29, 2009


Cate started her birthday week a day before her birthday.

We celebrated with Aunt Judy, Uncle Dave, Jarrett and Kris by eating chocolate chip cookie dough brownies (leftover from my birthday celebration the day before), Ben and Jerry's ice cream (also leftover from my partay)
and banana bread.

The banana bread was for Cate.
Stick a candle in it and it's birthday cake!

Cate opened presents next.

Actually, Cate just stared at the presents and wondered what to do with them. Danny, Jarrett and Kris unwrapped them for her. She took a little break to have a pretend drink from her new baby's bottle. Danny has heretofore named the baby doll Dolly.

The next day was her actual birthday. After church, we drove up to Grandma's house to spend time with the family, eat birthday cake and open more presents.

Check out this sign we saw on the way up. I had no idea Cate had some fans at my favorite eatin'-out joint. Man, I love that place.

Cate was showered with gifts from her adoring family.

clothes, clothes and more clothes

dolls and doll accessories
shoes that squeak

Then came a lovely dinner of cantaloupe and watermelon...

followed by a topless Cate tearing into a ladybug cupcake...

a little swinging in the backyard with Cousin Shaelynn...

and a family photo op (in which she and her brother were by far the grouchiest ones).

These kiddos of mine slept the entire drive home. They were wide awake and ready to give baby doll haircuts for the rest of the night.

Happy birthday,
baby Cate!

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JCM said...

Wow. She's so awesome. And so lucky to have such a great family...myself included of course! Hope she's feeling better.