Tuesday, June 23, 2009

one year ago today

I held Cate when she was born.
I held her again after I was moved into my room.
I didn't hold her again until a day and a half later.

The nurse put her in my arms and I cried.
She was just so tiny.
She had tubes and wires that weren't there the last time I'd held her.

June 23, 2008
4 pounds 4 ounces

June 23, 2009
19 pounds 1 ounce

She's almost quadrupled-and-a-halfed in one year.

Quite an accomplishment.

And thank goodness she's grown some hair on the top of her head this past year too! It was hard seeing my baby girl look like a baldy old man!

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colds1 said...

She was such an itty bitty thingy!