Thursday, June 18, 2009

my son

Align CenterI kind of feel like this little boy has been neglected on this blog lately. So here he is today. I figure it's his only chance for a few days.

My big day is tomorrow.
Cate's early big day
(celebrating with Judy's family)
is Saturday.

Her real big day is Sunday.
Dan's big day is Sunday, too.

So today is Danny's big day.
And to celebrate, he woke up with a big left eyelid.
He got bitten by something yesterday afternoon, despite a generous application of bug repellent (even on his face...made easier by some bug repellent wipes I found at Target).

At least it was only one bite.
That's nothing compared to the 9 bites he got on his face a few weeks ago.

That was all my fault.

He just had to go across the street to visit Lori. He just had to sit in Bryce's big old tractor. He just had to. And I forgot to spray him down before we went over. I think he's forgiven me though.

Maybe I haven't written much about Danny since it's all potty talk right now. I've been trying to spare you all the details. Except this one. Today he said to me,

Ummmmm, Mama. I gink I pee-peeing.
(translation: gink=think)

I have figured out that he doesn't totally understand past, present and future. I was frantic the first time he said something like that to me. We made a mad dash to the potty.

Now I know that when he says "I pee-peeing" what he really means is that he is going to be doing so in the very near future and to hurry and get him somewhere so he can take care of business.

I gink it's a step in the right direction. I have to say it makes my heart swell with a little bit of pride that my boy is actually learning to take care of his own business in his own time. It's a very good thing.

Enough potty talk.

Danny's book of choice lately for pre-bedtime reading is God Bless America. He has a board book that is just the song with illustrations. He sings right along with me and knows most of the words now.

Ahhh dess uh-guh-kuh-kuh
(That's how he sings the first line. Very sweet. And very patriotic to boot!)

He's started saying


when I ask him to do something.
Any guesses as to what that means.

Danny's pretty much mastered the knock-knock joke at this point in his life. Most of the time he has to actually knock on something when he says the knock-knock part. And his punch lines are ridiculous, as you would expect. Here's how it goes, almost every time.

Who's there?
Mama (or some other person)
Mama who?
Mama gonna lock you up!

He has recently figured out the whole Gimme 5 thing too.
You know the "Gimme 5, up high, down low, too slow" routine. Danny starts it by saying

Gimme uh-pive.

I think that's his combo of up high and five.
He does also then say up high, down low and too slow.
Too cute.

And finally, as proof that he watches way too much television, here's what I heard outside today.

You dee gick yell gick! Gick!
(If you see a stick yell stick! Stick!)

You dee nuther gick yell gick! Gick!
(If you see another stick yell stick! Stick!)

Thanks, Dora!

And that's my big boy on his big day!


colds1 said...

Okay, quoting Dora made me actually laugh!

Candis Ellis said...

Happy Birthday Cathy! I know you probably don't like to make a big deal out of it, but you should. Wow, a big week for the whole fam!

JCM said...

I love it. I miss my little nephew. And yes, you have been neglecting him a bit on this here blog. Keep us posted on the potty-training. I don't mind the potty talk - especially Danny's version!

JCM said...

Oh - and have a very Happy Birthday. To you and all the Olds birthdayers this week!


Ireland Family said...

He is adorable!!! I love the Okie Gokey for Okie dokie!