Monday, June 1, 2009

bug lady

I'm pretty sure her Grandpa has eaten them
covered in chocolate.

Most likely crickets.

I know her Aunt Judy has eaten dead ones
from the window sill.

She was a little kid.
I saw her do it.


She probably has a few little boy cousins
who have indulged as well.


Today it was Cate's turn.
Her bug of choice: a ladybug.

After a quick finger-sweep of her little mouth,
I retrieved the head.

After a little bit of gagging
(from both of us),

a second finger-sweep brought forth
the remainder of the remains.

I imagine the last thing Cate's mid-morning snack saw coming looked a little like this picture, complete with the stream of drool and the grabby little thumbs.

It's just protein, right?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I told the kids at school about this to rave reviews! Some were raving "Cool!" And others were raving "Gross!" :) Aunt Suzy BTW Cate, the pet foods taste much better than the moving kind, unless you like the 'hunt'!