Sunday, June 21, 2009


Why is Cate so sad?

a. She destroyed her cupcake before tasting it.
(I'm pretty sure she never tasted it.)

b. She's topless.

c. She's slowly slipping out of the highchair.

d. Getting old sucks.

Here's the cupcake before Cate got her hands on it.
You can stop squinting.
It is definitely blurry.

Happy first birthday,
Baby Cate.

She is still a baby.
Jarrett and I had this discussion when Danny turned one.
She's a baby until she learns how to walk.
Then she's a toddler.

More pictures and words to come.
Grouchy one-year-old and blurry cupcake will have to suffice for now.


Christina said...

Super cute cupcakes! You've got skills, Cathy. And I love Danny's tie. I think I need to find one for Sam soon since he was trying to wear Pat's the other day. Happy Birthday to Cate!

Dan said...

The answer is B; she's extremely modest.
However, I would have gone with D.