Monday, May 4, 2009

sixty-four minutes


Called the doctor to schedule an appointment for Cate (antibiotic shot #3 for ear infection). Said we could be there at 9:15.


Started mad dash to change out of my pajamas, brush my hair and teeth, pack the diaper bag, put shoes and socks on Danny, change Cate's diaper and clothes and send Jarrett and Kris to empty their bladders.


Backed out of the driveway.


Heard Kris loudly whisper to Cate,
"You're going to get a shot."


Tractor sighting by Danny


Listened to Kris explain to me that I should be careful to not run over the guy walking down the side of the road.


Listened to Jarrett telling Danny that he should keep his "tractor thoughts" to himself so I can concentrate on my driving.


Listened to Jarrett and Kris discuss decay. Heard the word squishy used more than once.


Listened to Kris play the "Where's My Arms?" game with Danny.


Tractor sighting by Danny


Drove into the parking lot at the doctor's office. Unloaded the kids. Went inside.


Signed in. Realized that the clock in the truck is 3 minutes faster than the clock at the doctor's office.


Listened to Danny pretend to be the worker at the drive thru window at Hart's while in the waiting room playhouse. "Oh, you want Diet Coke no ice? Oh, o-tay."


Listened to Kris whisper to Cate,
"You're going to get a shot."


Called back by the nurse. Listened to Jarrett inform her that "Catherine is her real name but we don't call her that. We call her Cate. It's her nickname." Nurse took Cate's temperature and left the room to get the syringe.


Nurse returned and jabbed a stinkin' long needle in my baby's thigh. She screamed. (Cate, not the nurse.) Jarrett and Kris plugged their ears through the whole ordeal.


Walked out of the room and down the hall. Passed on the stickers today since the sign on the basket says ONE STICKER PER CHILD. I would have felt badly taking 3 stickers since none of them were even seen by the doctor. Exited the building with 3 disappointed boys.


Prevented a very fast two-year-old from running into the parking lot. Loaded the kids into the truck.


Listened to Jarrett ask why the nurse said 1-2-3 poke when she gave Cate the shot. Didn't remember hearing her say that. Drove out of the parking lot.


Asked Jarrett if it was as horrible as he expected (he did not want to see Cate getting a shot). He said it was since Danny and Kris got to play with the big cars and he was stuck with the littlest car.
No mention of hearing Cate in pain.


Tractor sighting by Danny


Listened to Danny inform me that "Date is beeping!"
(Cate is sleeping.)


Tractor sighting by Danny


Listened to the sound of four silent children.

9:44 - 9:46

Listened to multiple tractor sightings by all three boys (thanks to construction of the new Pioneer Crossing road).


Pulled into the driveway. Sent the boys into the backyard to get muddy before school. Crossed my fingers that Cate would stay asleep.

Best part of those sixty-four minutes:

I didn't have to pay a co-pay at the doctor's office!
Woo hoo!

And since she's so cute, more pictures.


Judy said...

Wow, you did a great job herding the kids. Sounds like fun, or at least just funny.

Mary said...

She is sooooo cute!!

JCM said...

How did you keep track of what was happening each minute while you were herding all the kids around? Seriously she is absolutely adorable! Poor thing getting big shots, no fun.