Wednesday, April 15, 2009

name that baby

On Cate's dresser there is a picture frame. It has twelve little circles around the border and one big one in the center. Inside the circles are pictures of Cate, starting at birth and then progressing through the months of her life. So far I've filled in the first ten circles (birth plus months one through nine).

A few days ago Danny was in Cate's bedroom with me while I changed her diaper. He pulled over the little rocking chair and stood on it so he could get a better look at the pictures.

He pointed to Cate's most recent picture and said, "Mama, who dat?"

I said, "That's Cate." Then I pointed to her month eight picture and said, "Who's that?"

He positively identified his little sister. I pointed to month seven. He said, "Dat baby Rusty." Interesting. I continued with months six, five, four and three. Each time, "Dat baby Date."

Then I pointed to month two and asked again. "Dat baby Rusty." Month one? "Dat baby Rusty." Birth? That was his baby sister again.

So here is baby Rusty.
He was only six days old in this picture. I'd use a more recent one but he's sporting a big pink flower in them. This one seemed more appropriate.

And here's the month one picture of Cate that Danny identified as baby Rusty.

And the month two picture.

And month seven.

So what was Danny thinking?
Can you see a resemblance?

Other than being the two cutest babies in his life.


colds1 said...

Have you considered testing? Maybe some therapy?

JCM said...

Wow - he's very intuitive. Or just freakishly talented. Either way I adore him!