Monday, April 20, 2009

more love

Here's the conversation I had with Danny this morning.

Danny, I love you.

Oh, I wuv Daddy and Date and you!

Who does Aunt Suzy love?

Aunt Doozy wuv Bama!
(Not Grama Bama, just Grandma.
Danny actually calls her Nother One Bama.)

Who does Billy love?

Ummmm...Unka Don
(That must mean John.
There's no Uncle Don that I'm aware of.)

Who does Uncle John love?

Unka Don wuv Dilly!

Who does baby Rusty love?


Who does Kris love?

Dis wuv Doo-dee!

(that's Judy, of course)

Who does Uncle Tim love?

Ummmm...Unka Dough-knee
(Uncle Tony with a D)

Who does Ethan love?


That's all I've got. He walked away after the last question. Love can be boring sometimes. Or is it the family? Whatever. He's two. Everything's boring after fifteen seconds.

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Mary said...

How does he know Ethan loves Abby???