Thursday, April 30, 2009

letter d

Last night I was saying prayers with Danny before he went to bed. As usual, I started with the "thankful fors." Daddy, Danny, Cate, the cats. Then I paused. He usually wants to add his two cents during this part. I know that's not the proper protocol for praying. He's two. I'm not going to just ignore him and plow on through until the amens are said. We'll get there. At least we're praying, right?

Here's how the "thankful for" part went.

And baby Ruh-dee.
And baby Rusty.
And Doozy.
And Judy.
No, Doozy!
And Suzy.
And Unka Don.
And Uncle John.
And Doodee, Unka Bave, Diss, Det.
And Judy, Uncle Dave, Kris and Jarrett.
And Doodee.
And Judy.

Then I continued on with the prayer uninterrupted, happy to know that he's extra thankful for his Aunt Judy.

As I climbed into my own bed, I got to thinking. Danny seems to be very fond of the letter D. He seems to substitute it at the beginning of many words. Doozy, Doody, Det, Diss, Don. He also says Dy-ler instead of Skyler, Dough-knee instead of Tony and Date instead of Cate.

If he's got so many D's to go where they don't belong, then why is it that he says Daddy and Danny correctly, but Uncle Dave gets turned into Unka Bave?

I don't have the slightest i-deee-a.


Dan said...

Your writing is deeelightful!

colds1 said...

What I find interesting about the use of D is that he calls Rusty, Ruh-dee. Billy calls him Dusty. Quirky.

Cathy said...

I forgot to add that Danny says Dilly instead of Billy. The list goes on and on!