Monday, April 6, 2009

jarrett's sixth, part one

Dan has a birthday week every year. (One day is not sufficient to truly celebrate his mother's wonderful gift to the world.) It looks like Jarrett is catching on. He had a long birthday weekend. I'm pretty sure Jarrett hasn't figured out how to get the most out of his extended birthday though. Dan can give him some pointers for next year.

Jarrett had his party at the Legacy Center on Thursday. I made the cake. He wanted carrots on it and showed me where they should go. He also put the flowers on it. They are left over from Judy's wedding cake. That means those little dried fondant flowers are almost 9 years old! He chose purple too. I mixed it with white and he loved the "violet" (that's what he called it) that appeared after some stirring. So that is why this little boy has a light purple cake.

How about a little look back on all the cakes I've made for Jarrett over the past five years.

Fifth birthday: SpongeBob Square Pants
(Don't laugh. I did my best.
I was pregnant and had a 16-month-old
running around getting into everything.
I had a hard time concentrating.)

Fourth birthday: R2D2
(my favorite...and the most work)

Third birthday: a green fish
(It's still his favorite color.)

Second birthday: a truck
(Judging by the look on his face,
I'm not so sure he approved of this one.)

First birthday: a ball
(The frosting melted and started sliding off
the cake
on the drive to Heber.)

Back to the party...

The boys played basketball.
Millie and Danny pushed Cate around.

Cate continued to perfect her startled look.

We ate pizza.

One out of three actually smiled for the picture.

Danny continued to perfect his tired look.
He probably opted out of his nap that day.

We sang to Jarrett.
Danny tried to make Dan stop singing.

Jarrett opened presents.
Danny gave him Lincoln Logs.
(linking logs according to Kris,
ginkin gogs according to Danny)

After the cake and presents
we all headed to the pool.

Hopefully the tubes didn't let
too much water into Danny's ears.

Danny splashed around for a while.
Then he rested.

Cate and I just watched.
She got rosy cheeks from the
rainforest-like conditions.

A good time was had by all.

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Dan said...

I love Jarrett's face on the picture from his first birthday!
Excellent writing Love.