Wednesday, April 8, 2009

egg hunt

We went to a little get-together at my neighbor's house yesterday. Not only is Candis a photographer extraordinaire, she is also the hostess with the mostess. Yummy food, adorable decorations and napkins folded like bunny ears.

We strolled over to her house in time for Jarrett to have about 15 minutes of play. That wasn't enough for him. He wanted to stay home from kindergarten. I said no. After a little toilet trauma, we made it out the door and were off to school.

I left Danny and Kris playing in the yard. Cate was sitting in the lap of another mom.
I returned just in time to hear a somewhat disturbing conversation. It went something like this:

Mom 1: Who are we looking for?
Mom 2: Danny.
Mom 1: Which one is that?
Mom 2: He's wearing a blue shirt.
Mom 3: Danny, where are you?

I wasn't surprised. Danny tends to wander. Just then, the door to the house opened and out came my little man.

We ate lunch on blankets on the front lawn. I got my first sunburn of the season. Kris climbed trees. Danny threw rocks into the little fountain. Cate sucked on an empty Capri Sun.

After much playing outside, all ten kids were trapped in the house while most of the moms helped the Easter Bunny hide eggs. I was on inside duty with another mom. She told me she had seen my family's pictures on Candis' website and that my boys (she thought Kris was mine) were beautiful. How nice. They are.

Then it was time for the hunt to begin. Kris knew what to do. Danny did not. I followed him around pointing to the "hidden" eggs. He picked them up, opened them, dumped the candy contents into his bag (after saying WOW every time) and then threw the empty eggs on the ground.

Cate was being a good sport. I knew she was way past tired though. After I had picked up all of Danny's empty eggs, we said our thank yous and good-byes and headed home for naps. I told Danny to say good-bye and he did, very quietly. Then he said, "They not talking to me, Mama. They mouth is shut."

Candis said she wants to make this a yearly tradition. I'm just hoping by the time the Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt Shindig rolls around, the yard is fenced in...assuming we're invited back. I'm getting too old to chase around my meandering child.

Now I'm off to learn how to fold those bunny ear napkins.

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Christina said...

Definitely good times has by all. Candis does know how to throw a good party!