Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Our kitchen garbage is in a custom made garbage drawer. (I just love that my grandpa thought of that...or that my grandma told him to build it.) The drawer has gotten a little finniky in its old age. You have to give it a good shove from the bottom to close it all the way. It's not quiet.

This afternoon I was sitting in the front room with Cate. I thought Danny was playing in his room. Then I heard the garbage drawer close and his little voice say, "Licious!"

I hurried to the kitchen to see him chewing something. I asked him what he was eating and he said it was cake. There's no cake in the house right now. There is chocolate chip banana bread though.

Danny had eaten banana bread crumbs off a paper plate at the top of the pile of rubbish. Luckily the crumbs were on the plate and not actually touching anything else.

Is it garbage if it's "licious" and at the top of the pile?


Dan said...

Was it above the rim? I think that's the key question in considering whether or not it's garbage.

JCM said...

Grandma would most definitely consider anything that has gone into the garbage drawer to be, in fact, garbage - and therefore not suitable for eating. We don't have to tell Danny that though!