Monday, March 23, 2009

bye, grama bama

See Cate's expression in this picture? That's how we're feeling around here today.

Grama Bama left for the airport this morning. Jarrett, Kris, Danny, Cate and I were watching out the front room window as she drove away with Judy. We were waving furiously and so was she.

As soon as she was out of sight, Jarrett said, "I miss her already."

Kris said, "I always cry when she goes."

Danny said, "Grama not go bye-bye."

Cate said, "Who's going to hold me all day?" (Well, she didn't actually say it but I'm pretty sure she thought it.)

Here's more pictures from her visit. I'm hoping they'll make her come back sooner than she planned.

Cate loves getting snuggles from Grama.

I think Grama was teaching Danny how to plug his ears so he'll be prepared for when she starts to sing.

Grama Bama bought new jammies for all the kids. The boys' say "Don't bug me." Cate's have butterflies on them.

Danny's doing a little experiment to see if he can get electrocuted by the Operation game.

Come back soon, Grama Bama.
We miss you already!

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